I am pleased to announce that by becoming a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner in April 2016, I am now able to facilitate Reconnective Healing Sessions.

And by becoming a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner in June 2016, I am able to Reconnect you to the higher frequencies in the universe, in an accelerated exchange of light and information. The Reconnection is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that connect us back to the timeless intelligence systems from which we were once disconnected.

Reconnective Healing is a fairly new and comprehensive form of Energy Health Care, that has proven to help many people around the world with their physical, emotional and spiritual health challenges.

As the name implies, it is about reconnecting our bodies with the universe highest frequencies. We are all one, we are connected trough light to each other and the universe, but at some point in history, humanity simply got "disconnected", we forgot how important it is to our well being to access the highest frequencies that allow us to achieve real balance and enjoy excellent physical, emotional and spiritual health.

By interacting with the field of full spectrum frequencies, we are able to bring about healing. These frequencies bring light and information to the planet and we are able to receive whatever is right for us at that particular moment.

There are many scientific studies  about The Reconnection, and the Reconnective Healings. Please visit  website for more information.

Reconnective Healing Sessions are 30 min long, please make sure to book one hour for your appointment. You will lie down on a massage table, I will interact with the fequencies, but I will never touch you. It is important not to wear any fragrances or perfumes including aromatherapy during your appointment, to avoid sensitivities and allergic reactions.

Reconnective Healing Sessions promotional cost for a limited time is $90.00. 

For more information please visit and read Dr. Eric Pearl's book "The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself". You will be starting your own healing journey.




Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I regret to inform that all Iridology Analysis appointments are cancelled until further notice. 

Nutritional Assessment appointments will be taken by computer only (Via Skype) while the pandemic restrictions are in place. Please book by email or by phone.

Payments will be received by interac e-transfer prior to consultation.

Thank you for being so understanding during this difficult time. 

Please take care of yourselves and your families, abide to the government recommendations and stay safe. I wish you all good health.








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