These are some of the comments from a terminally ill cancer client.

..."During my chemo yesterday I inquired about my blood work - all results were great - the nurse told me my results were on the low end for a healthy person and super for a chemo patient, she said `` I don`t know what you are doing . but keep doing it!!"

..."Another good report from the Docs, -everything seems great - they are pleased with my progress. I have gained weight again, a good sign for them, but I`m not liking it so much. But if that`s all I have to complain about that suits me just fine. For now I`m going to enjoy feeling well and hopefully take advantage of some heat and sunshine in the next few weeks".

..."I'm sending you a huge e-mail hug this morning. This weekend, for the first time since Sept., I was able to soak and relax in the bathtub!!!!! My nightly soak was a ritual for sooo many years and not being able to do this was ,to me, a big loss in my life. So I thank you with all my heart, because without your help  I don't think this could have happened. It's the little things in life that can make such a difference".


DM, 51 years old woman.


These are comments from a client that was completely undernourished, drank only Ensure for years, and refused to eat for fear of getting sick.

..."Thank you for all your help, I was in great need of hope that things can improve, and you gave me that today" .

..."I am enjoying eating more of a variety of food, my bowels are slowly adjusting, they were cramped and painful al first, but have improved each day. I drink lots of liquids each day and am trying to keep up the fibre.  I have consumed no Ensure for the last four days!! Thank you for all your good advice".

JM, 60 years old male.


..."I  am a 53 year old male. Having a family history of heart disease and diabetes.  In 2009 I was diagnosed with cardiovascular blockages. Three months later I had triple bypass surgery. I was put on 325 mg of aspirin to keep the blood thin. Also on a beta blocker for cholesterol. This past July I went for blood work and the results were not great. My cholesterol numbers, my blood glucose numbers and my blood pressure were up. I was starting to have symptoms from the beta blockers, (sore muscles). I decided to look at an alternative to taking these meds.
Then I met Patricia de Salazar. She put me on a formula of vitamins (RTRE). Well to my surprise after the latest blood work my doctor was impressed with my numbers. My blood pressure is good, my cholesterol is good and my blood glucose numbers are good. What have I changed in my life style? Not much. I was always very active,  but being active,  I was told by my doctor,  is not exercise. Now I take a 45min to an hour walk after supper on average of 4 nights a week, and that's about it.
Thank you Patricia for your help".

PM, 53 years old male.

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